1996 Michigan State

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9-1-96, Lincoln, NE. The Nebraska football team gets its 26th consecutive win, 55-14. Mike Minter and Mike Fullman make spectacular interception and punt returns. Future Husker HC and National Champ, Scott Frost, makes his debut as the starting NU QB.  Michigan State coach Nick Saban makes note of his teams suffering at the hands of NU for the 2nd straight season, and sets an appointment with coach Osborne to observe practice and review practice design.  He then incorporates NU's multi-station approach as well as 1's vs. 1's, and referees present and consequences for mistakes.  He also adopts the "grade every play for every player" film review of practice as well.  Every player getting multiple meaningful reps in every practice was the hallmark of coach Osborne's prep, and Nick Saban paid it the ultimate compliment in his replicating it for his own teams.  25 years later, the results of his decision speak for themselves in his run of National Titles and championships.  Coach Saban has asked coach Osborne to speak to the Crimson Tide players on several occasions.  It all began on 9/1/1996.  Very good video. Color. Swain. DVD, 82 minutes.