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Red vs. White, April 6th 2013, Lincoln NE.  The 2013 Nebraska spring game in its entirety with radio play by play for audio.  What a day for Husker Nation and sports fans everywhere as the human spirit steals the spring football game.  Seven year old cancer fighter Jack Hoffman takes the field midway through the 4th quarter on 4th and one for the Red Team.  Jack receives a hand-off from T-Magic and weaves to a 69 yard TD to put the Red in front and bring 60,000 to their feet!  Both teams clear the sidelines and chase Jack the final 20 yards into the end zone for a TD celebration.  The perspective shone through that thoughtful act inspire people around the world and became one of the most viewed ESPN sports videos of all time!  The rest of the day was productive too as new and familiar faces made good showings on both sides of the ball.  Coach Pelini mixed in new twists with the Lineman Punt Catch Contest, and the Compete Drill, each adding points on the  scoreboard for the Red or White team.  And as always the Tunnel Walk entrance inspires and makes us eager for the 8 home games coming in the fall.  DVD video, 100 minutes.  $1.00 donated to Team Jack's foundation for ea. DVD sold